Lunatic here…

I truly believe the moon does things to people. I tend to get antsy and sometimes I’ll get downright nutty. Where my head goes faster than my mouth or vise versa. Thursday was a full moon and I felt like a switch had been flipped when I got up Friday morning. Like a heavy weight of negative energy had disappeared.  I found 2 pennies in my yard first thing when I took the dog out and said a little “thank you” to the universe. Next thing I knew I was receiving word that I’d been selected for a scholarship to Mastin Kipp’s latest course. “Claim Your Power” is starting soon and as I looked at the fellow recipients videos (we had to apply via youtube!!) I realized that I have a gift to give the world. I am shushing that voice in my head – “the committee” as is said in recovery. I have been selected to participate in an amazing opportunity which is going to allow me to develop my purpose. I know it’s something communication related, and I believe that will be my medium to be a “healer of souls”. If it has anything to do with lifting women up, well it will certainly be beneficial to me too! I am among some of the people who are going to change the world. As I see the state of our planet (yesterday being earth day and all) I am reminded that we have choices. We can choose to perpetuate and participate in negativity and judgement and harm, or we can lift each other up and remind everyone we meet that we see them and they matter.  Not everyone will understand  or appreciate what I’m doing. And that’s ok. Just because one doesn’t understand the work doesn’t mean the work isn’t important. This weekend will be my opportunity to clear out some old stuff (physically and mentally!) And prepare to receive the blessings that working with Mastin Kipp will bring to the world through me. It’s scary!! But I feel like it’s going to explode and I will feel like I’m walking in light with my tribe. My soul tribe!! Now to save up for a trip to LA in july! Maybe I can work on affiliate links in these blogs! 🙂


Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

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