What’s that little voice?
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What’s that little voice?

Get out of my head!!

That damn Negative Nelly and her committee of nay-sayers invaded my mind yesterday… I couldn’t quite figure out why she was so verbal! I’d gotten pretty good over the last few years/months/weeks at telling her to shut the hell up.  But over the weekend she was back.


Where does that mean girl come from?

Ol Nelly has been around for a while.  Maybe you have a Nelly too? Maybe the name is different but it’s still the same – that naggy little (or big) voice that’s telling you all the reasons why you can’t/shouldn’t/aren’t ___(fill in the blank)___.

She may remind you of one of those mean girls from high school.  Or middle school.  Or your home/family.  She’s a wretched creature, and will stop at nothing to try to bring you down.

She is your ego. Keeping you small.

downloadWhat do you do to shut her up?

For me, I find that creating is helpful.  Be it crochet, or cooking, or writing… something where I make something.  Yesterday I had to create a pattern interrupt – I could feel myself getting more and more irritated and whiny.  I was working on my business and when Nelly started yapping, I started feeling small.  My pattern interrupt was to do some rebounding and some stretching, then more rebounding.  Focusing on that stretch got my mind off all that crap she was trying to tell me.


Catch yourself- I Am…

What follows that in your world?  I Am… No, it’s not a trick question… but it will show you quite a bit about where you are and how you feel about yourself.


Everyone has bad days – so no beating yourself up if your “I am” statement was anything other than a positive vibe (like awesome, amazing, beautiful, creative, etc).  Just notice it.  If the majority of your “I am”s aren’t positive, I’d love to work with you on changing that dialogue.  We all forget sometimes how powerful we are.  I’d love to be the one to remind you –

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Interested in working with me on a deeper level?  Click here to find out of coaching is for YOU.

Until next time my beautiful messes – Take care!


Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

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