Are you doing too much?
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Are you doing too much?

We live in a world of busy-ness.  There’s always more stuff to do and not enough hours in the day.  But how much of that do we bring on ourselves, or allow others to dump on us?


We can bring that stress on ourselves by not asking for help, allowing others to not do their part, not teaching others what it takes, and it backfires on us as we feed the laziness.  But there’s hope! Read on…

Asking for help is not my strong suit.  And I’ve found that to be the case with most of the women I work with.  We get so accustomed to doing all the things, all the time, that asking for help would equal admitting weakness, right? That image of Super Wife/Mom/Worker/Friend/etc etc etc would be shattered.


The world might possibly implode if people actually took responsibility for their own crap.  


So we do it.  We do it ALL – then we form resentments and get more and more irritated that no one is helping.  There’s laundry and dishes, and vacuuming and mopping, and dinner and kids that need a ride here there and everywhere…. Whew!  And don’t get me started about when they DO help and it’s half assed and therefore we should have just done it ourselves to begin with….


So let’s start with taking responsibility for our OWN crap.

 The real issue here lies in our lack of communication.  

We can not assume that our kids know how to do the things that we’ve not taught them!  Doing laundry is not a skill that’s just genetically passed down.  Perhaps no one’s thought to take some time and teach others how to do things like clean a toilet, mop a floor, load the dishwasher.  But with a little communication, you can create a better system – and believe it or not – your kids will be better for learning.


I have created a bit of laziness by doing all the things in my household.  Have you?  


Would your hubby know where to find the salt and pepper if the shakers needed to be refilled?  Would he or your kids know how to separate laundry, which cycle to run it on, and how to *gasp* hang it on the line if needed?  Would your youngest know how to make a bowl of cereal or not to put the fork in the microwave with their spegetti o’s?


Plus – you know how good you feel when you do something out of LOVE?  Well, remember that receiving helps others give too.  Meaning – when you teach your family that teamwork is a facet of love, and show your appreciation when they help out (yes, I know you don’t get the appreciation you deserve – but lead by example!!), there’s a dang good chance that they’ll learn that helping is love, and praise is love, and family is love, and yes – even cleaning a toilet is love!  

Cleaning isn’t the only area this works in, it was just a handy example.  

And remember too – that you always have choices.  If you don’t like the direction something is going, make a change and get the trajectory back to where you want it.  You can always choose again when you need to <3

There’s a shit ton of other emotional crap that comes along with being super mom.  There’s perfectionism, there’s the need to please and/or keep conflict to a minimum, there’s anger and resentment, and those are all things that I can help you with.  

I’d love to hear where you’re taking on too much – is it stuff that the kids are involved in, is it household, work, or friendships?  When you’re doing too much, the other person isn’t doing their fair share, and you’re not allowing them to learn and grow.  

Comment below and let me know what you’re taking on that you could (or should!) delegate!

Let’s talk about how you can set some healthy boundaries during a free coaching call!  Click here to schedule yours.  No pitch, no sales gimmick – just me and you showing up to get you to a more beautiful, and less messy place <3

Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

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