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Happy 4th!

There’s a bunch of posts about the birth of our nation, and I’m sure there are some that are going to get into the politics of it all…  But I wanted to focus on something a little different.

Quick question –

When’s the last time you experienced JOY?

Joy is an emotion that many times, we stifle.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re stifling it until we allow it to bubble up.  My husband convinced me to go to a local carnival over the weekend.  I really didn’t want to go – I had a million things I needed to do.  I had to clean up after a barbeque with friends, I had a messy house from the kids being home (and lord knows they can’t clean up after themselves), and I had business activities I wanted to do for A Beautiful Mess.

But I went anyway.

I wanted to say we didn’t have the money, that we had other things we should be doing with our time, that we needed to prepare for our upcoming camping trip.  I didn’t.  I went, and tried to force myself to enjoy it.  I tried to see things through the eyes of our 7 year old, where a cheesy 3 cent harmonica would bring so much joy, versus focusing on that the dumb fishing game cost $2.

Said son talked me into the Tilt-A-Whirl.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.  I was trying so hard not to pee on myself, and son was trying not to barf.  It was that moment of letting go – truly feeling the joy – that I realized that it’s time for me to work on letting go and experiencing joy so that I can truly live.

Allowing yourself to feel – especially feeling JOY – can make all the difference.

We get bogged down with all our grown-up responsibilities.  And when you’re in a relationship where there’s addiction (or even recovery) you can find yourself being so responsible that you forget to enjoy the ride.

How can you allow more joy into your life?

Give yourself permission to feel.  Feel the feelings that come up, and allow them to present themselves and then allow them to flow out – we stifle so much of what we feel that we end up with a ball of ‘junk’ in our bellies – and when the last drop overflows the well, we appear to be ‘crazy‘.  When we allow ourselves to feel, we can process things as they come, versus when they overflow.

Your turn!

How can you allow JOY into your life?  Maybe it’s taking part of US 4th of July activities – celebrating your Independence.  Listen to the music of the day – or make your own.  And then celebrate with your own indepen-Dance.  <3

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I look forward to chatting with you!

Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

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