You ARE strong. But you’re tired…

You ARE strong. But you’re tired…

You juggle multiple responsibilities, bearing the weight of your family’s needs over your own.

You tackle the bills, the groceries, the kids, the appointments, the schedule…

and now chaos, bitterness, and disconnect has become the norm.

For far too long you’ve been giving so much of yourself that there’s nothing left OF you, FOR you.

You’re not ‘just’ a wife, mother, worker, friend, daughter, etc.

You are so much more than your labels!

After having worked with women from all walks of life for years,
I fully understand that you may be feeling unappreciated, stuck, disappointed,broken, & maybe barely holding it together.

If this is you – you’re in the right place.  I can help you.

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Think about how it would feel to get to that place where you feel organized, happy, valued – and know you are enough.

You can create – and you deserve – the caring space you crave.

Imagine feeling well-rested; imagine living in a safe, clean and happy home; Imagine feeling connected to those around you.
Life would be great right?

So, if it was that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because it’s not that easy.
It requires a believing in yourself & an investment in a proven system with the tools to guide you-
paired with the support of a mentor who’s been there and gotten thru.
With the program I’ve developed, you can move
from frustrated to fulfilled,
from struggle to simplicity,
from control to connection.

I know this work can be scary.  In fact, it can be downright terrifying.

You may be thinking things like:
What if I find out things I didn’t want to know about myself?
What if I change so much my family/friends don’t like me anymore?
And what if I do all this and it just doesn’t work?
Maybe your dollars are already stretched thin – and you’re wondering “how can I justify spending money on myself?”
Every woman I’ve worked with has had these same fears, and then some.  Including me.
But if you don’t allow yourself space to heal, you’ll have to keep on faking it – denying your needs, and feeling bitter, regret and resentment.

It’s time to be the woman you were born to be.

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My name is Erin Hill, and I’m a coach for women at a crossroads.  

A healer of souls, including my own.   I know from my own life experience that barely holding it together, isn’t living. It’s surviving. I know how “not good enough” feels, I know what deep dark places our minds can go – and how it feels to worry that if you start to loosen your grip, you’ll lose your mind, or worse.
I’ve spent most of my life surviving from that place.  In marriages ravaged by addiction, trying to parent my kids just praying they’ll turn out a little less “screwed up” than me… And more.  From all of those experiences, I bring you hope…
By focusing on self-care, and doing your work, we’ll bust thru those old patterns, create new ones and help you see the amazing future you can create for yourself.  And I’ll be right by your side throughout the process.
You’ve allowed your power to be outsourced. You wear all the hats while your family demands more.  Like a modern day Cinderella – if the stepmother was her man, and the sisters were her kids.
Maybe you’ve read a bunch of self help books –
Maybe you’ve tried therapy –
Maybe you’re ready to scream

“Something’s got to give and it can’t be me!”

Knowing what to do and even having a plan to implement it just isn’t enough.

There’s still something missing.
A system.
Someone who won’t give up on you and your dreams and who can give you the loving support to keep moving forward, evening when it’s scary or hard.
Up until now, you haven’t had these things.
That’s why you’re still stuck.

Support changes everything!

Without support, you remain overwhelmed, alone, and even though you keep working harder, you can’t move forward, or worse – you fall even further behind.

Then, the regret, and the resentment, and the anger creeps in –

because this isn’t how it was supposed to  be.

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You have the power of choice.

You can live whatever life you envision.
Happy, whole, and loved.
You can come home, to a place that feels like home.
You can sit with your kids and discuss what’s going on with them.
You can have an intimate connection and partnership with your man – not just be his maid, cook, and intercourse object.

You can create your future.

With my support & mentorship, you can get the results you want.

You create it when you invest in yourself. And I believe you deserve it.

Introducing the 90 day reset.

A coaching program for women ready to make changes to become who she’s always been – Enough.

Why 90 days?

We all know that it takes time to develop new habits.  90 days (3 months) is just enough time to feel comfy with your newly recalled power and not too long that you procrastinate putting your plans into action!

How does it work?

We’ll meet via Skype or Zoom (which is like a private video chat for just us) for an hour on a weekly basis.  We will spend 90 days working on developing YOUR self-care plan, determining your old patterns and giving  you the tools to replace them with positive productive ones, and making goals and objectives to rocket you towards the life you’ve always wanted.

I’ll also send a follow up email after each of our calls that includes positive vibes, and checking in on your progress.

Included is Priority Email Support to answer any questions you may have throughout our work together (Meaning you get first dibs on my email replies!).

Because all the books haven’t gotten you anywhere, and you keep ending up back where you started; because you’ve tried everything, but getting it from your head to your heart is lacking; because you’ve got the theory down, but the practical application isn’t sticking… It’s time for a reset.

It’s time to go from victim to survivor.

I’ve been there too.

schedule your call (1).png I have always had a passion for helping others, and writing.  I’ve created a website, blog, and a coaching business, after almost 20 years in a “safe” state job.  I have years of experience working with women who’ve been at the bottom (including myself), and I want to help you, too.

I love coaching women to be the best version of themselves, and I believe in the power of investing in ourselves – I have enjoyed the benefits of a coach who helped me see that things don’t happen to me, they happen for me – and want to pass that experience on.  I know what it’s like to feel broken.  And I know that support is the key.
That’s why everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked.  You haven’t had the support of  a mentor who’s been there and can help you weave thru the excuses and get to that place where you feel like you’ve got this!

Imagine yourself feeling

useful instead of used;

loving instead of livid,

excited instead of exhausted.

But that only happens when you have the support and mentorship of a fellow female who ‘gets you’.

I started this program because there is value in your story – but you don’t have to allow your past to dictate your future.  I’ve been thru more sh! than a little, and it’s my goal to help you avoid some of that pain – moving thru it faster and finding yourself quicker.
I know that investing in yourself can be terrifying – you’ve probably never done it before – and I want to provide you with all the tools and support I can to help you.  By the way – in order to provide my ladies with the utmost in personal attention, I can only accept 4 women per month, so don’t hesitate.  My coaching program costs less than $4 a day, and you could start seeing results right after our first complimentary call.

If you’re ready to leave the books on the shelf, and start creating the future you desire, then let’s hop on a call.  

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What to expect next –

Once you click one of the “Get more info”buttons – you will be sent to my contact page – there is a short questionnaire that will allow me to get to know you and your situation a bit better.  This will allow our call to be super laser focused so you can start seeing results ASAP.  Once you fill out the form, I get it via email for review. After you fill out the form, simply click the link under the contact form to schedule your Confident Connections Call.

On our Connections Call, we’ll walk thru one of the “stuck areas” you’ve defined and give you some tools and tips that you can implement right away.  If we determine we are a good fit and want to work together for the 90 Day Reset, we’ll also discuss any questions you have including the investment.  It’s so rare with our reliance on the internet to get this kind of personal attention, and I am committed to helping you find the best fit for YOU.

The 90 Day Reset is a coaching program for women.

Women who feel like they are at a crossroads.  Where something’s got to change. Maybe you can’t put it into words, but you know that there’s something more for you.  You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You’re ready to do the work and see the results you’ve been dreaming of.  You know it’s not easy, but you also know it’s worth it.  Especially with someone walking the journey with you – lifting you up when you’re feeling weak, and who knows how broken feels.  Someone who’s been there and values your past, but doesn’t hold it against you. Someone who’s going to help you build the foundation of your new life with the rocky past you’ve lived so far.

This program is NOT for men.  This program is not for women who are content with their day to day lives.  This program is not for women who are looking for a magic potion or pill that will just fix everything without some effort on their part.  It’s not for those who aren’t willing to step into some new territory with some loving guidance (and the occasional curse word!).  So if you have sensitive ears – you may want to forgo this opportunity.

What others are saying:

 “After I talk to Erin, I always feel better” – Melanie R –10394483_660676277315338_1747424390328771313_n

robin “It’s funny how we bump into people in our life who really, really speak to us.  Erin manages to say EXACTLY the right thing EXACTLY when I need to hear it. I love her vulnerability and her willingness to put her life out there to help other women tap into their potential and move forward. We are so much than the labels we’ve been given. “ – Robin W.


How much time do I need to allow for the Connections Call?

 We’ll spend no more than 1 hour on a private video or telephone call working through one of the areas you’ve identified as being “stuck” in.  We’ll work thru what that looks like for you, what you want life to look like “Unstuck” and we’ll develop some action steps for you to begin taking immediately.

 How much does it cost?

Money is a big deal, and making an investment in yourself, however big or small, will always be an important financial decision. But more important is making the right decision for you. On our call together, we will discuss all of the details of the program, including the investment. We’ll talk about you, where you are, where you want to go, and whether this program is a good fit for you, financially and otherwise; and I’ll be there to answer any questions you have about the program, the cost, and more.
 You will know if it’s the right time – physically, financially, and emotionally – for you to make this investment, and I promise to never do that slimey salesy bait and switch kind of junk.  This program, this call, all of it is about helping you, and that’s what I want to focus on… long before the money. We’ll get all we can out of our complimentary call, that’s for sure.

 What if I make the investment then change my mind?

I know that investing in yourself can be scary territory – it’s probably very new for you to be even contemplating “splurging” on yourself.  I know that sometimes we feel “buyers remorse” thinking that we should have gotten this vs that.  I can only assure you that when you invest in yourself, the other stuff falls into place.  You can not give from an empty cup.  I know you’ve heard the saying “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” or “happy wife, happy life”.  It’s true.  Once we commit to saying YES to ourselves, we have to go all in – It’s worth it – I promise!  That’s the reason for the no refunds policy.  You have to be ready to go all in – knowing that it’s going to be OK – I’ve got your back.  We’re in this together.
 We can discuss any individual questions you have when we’re on our call – I can assure you that I will never suggest that you take a loan, get a credit card, or put your rent, mortgage, grocery or diaper money on the line to work with me.   We will make sure it’s a good fit for you before making any investment.

What if we’re not a good fit?

It’s ok – some people just don’t mesh.  I’m committed to helping you find the best fit for you – I have some friends that are coaches as well, so I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction if we mix like oil and water 🙂

What if 90 days isn’t enough for me?

 90 days can make a huge difference in your life.  Heck – one day can change everything.  We’ll have a plan to document your progress.  And if you still want or need some additional support after our 3 months is over, we can discuss the possibility of some supplemental coaching to keep you accountable and expand on your progress even more.

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If it wasn’t for my own coach, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I know the value of a mentor, a confidant, and a cheerleader!  I’ve learned to trust myself again.  I know that I am Enough. And I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you!  


I am committed to giving you the personal attention you need, so I only take on 4 coaching clients per month.   I do hope you’ll listen to that little voice telling you to book your Connections Call today.  

If you’re ready to create your future,

I’m ready to help you do it.

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