About Me

Do you feel as if you’re meant for so much MORE, if you could just…

…lose a few pounds?  …find the right job? …have some time for YOU?

or maybe

…meet the right partner?  …make a little (or a lot) more money? …or stop worrying so much about what other people think?

Are you just plain done with being where you are? Are you ready to do the work to make the life you know you’re destined to have?

Don’t Worry!

You are not alone!

You aren’t crazy, or stupid, or any of those negative adjectives we tend to describe ourselves with!
Take a deep breath and imagine:
– enjoying the contributions you are making to this world,
– loving with all of your authentic self,
– feeling like you can have and give all that you wish to.
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It’s time to make your transformation. I can help.
It took me over 30 years and a crap ton of therapy, 12 step meetings, personal development, thousands of dollars in coaching, bitch sessions and self help books to get here.

I know that it’s only because you don’t have the right accountability and support in place, that you haven’t been able to meet your goals – yet.

Learning these tools has allowed me to open myself up to a big world, chock full of opportunities to learn, love, grow, and teach other women how to overcome circumstances and be victorious versus a victim.
If you’re looking for similar results, and are ready to do your work, this is your chance to make a change!

I am made to serve women like you who are looking for MORE.

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Are you ready to live life to the fullest?

If you’re DONE feeling like you’re less than, and that little voice is telling you that you are so much more, then I invite you to join me.

Hi! I’m erin.

(yes I purposely don’t capitalize the E)

I’ve been through more than a little bit of bullsh!t – and now my purpose is to help other women navigate theirs.  I provide support and encouragement to those who are ready to unpack their stuff and live a life where they thrive – not just survive.

I’m learning to be unapologetic about who I am and the journey that’s brought me here.  Unhealthy relationships, sexual assault, business owning, financial issues, addiction, and mental health are a few of the wounds I’ve been healing over the last 30 years.

A teeny bit of my story:

I’ve married two addicts.  Hubby #1 – I left.  Hubby #2 – I stayed. I thought for sure that if he just quit the drug, things would get better.  That if he would just quit drinking.  Or get a job. Or spend more time with me and the kids… that it would be OK.

HE was the one with the problem you know.

I could run the household, raise the kids, go to work, AND deal with him and his crap.

Not to mention I was also working with hundreds of addicts professionally in an addictions treatment and recovery support program.

I was superwoman – right?!  


I know how it feels.

You’re tired of wearing the masks-

and you’re quietly ashamed of what you and your life has become.

I know it’s complicated.

It’s messy.

It hurts.

And no group or person existed that could help me in the way I needed to be helped.

I am not “just” a government job, a marriage, a divorce, a re-marriage, a step-mom, a mom, a wife…

Fully aware of (many of) my flaws, I work to polish my rough edges vs punishing myself with harsh words and self-sabotage.

My mantra has become

“things don’t happen TO me, they happen FOR me”. 

I believe that women need a safe space filled with UNWAVERING love and acceptance to heal their wounds and reach their goals.

Now, I’ve made it my mission to be that person for other women.

I am a support and empowerment coach for women who are ready to unpack their past and make their future everything they’ve wanted it to be.

I help women silence the negativity in their minds by reminding them of the TRUTH, so they can be happy, healthy, and whole.

How do I do that?

We look at

*goals for your life,

*challenges you’re facing,

*opportunities you may be missing, and

*identify sabotages to your results.

Then we develop an action plan, & implement it together, addressing any issues that may come up.

You can finally get the results you’ve been looking for but were never able to attain or sustain for a period of time.

Shame and guilt are part of all of our processes, and yet still taboo – I provide empathy, honesty, and sisterhood in a confidential space so that you can heal the wounds of the past and make your future everything you dream it can be.

There's nothing left if you give it all
When we give it all, there’s nothing left

Here’s a few examples of the women I connect best with:

The mom who is at that point where she realizes there’s more to life than bottles, diapers, teenage drama, cell phones, car pools, and all that other MOM STUFF. 
The woman who needs to remember that it’s OK to have needs too.
The wife that knows there’s a gorgeous woman inside who’s dreaming of being who she was always meant to be before “life got in the way”. 
The woman who is ready to tell that voice in her head saying “you’re too _____ to do ______” to f*&% off.  (and not blush!)
The woman who is ready to truly LIVE.

Trying to remember who you are?

I’m here to help you.