More than Shelf Help!

Sometimes the self help books become SHELF help. Just sitting there collecting dust, reminding you of the work you need to do, or that you never really implemented the stuff you read about.

You KNOW there’s gold in there – you just forgot, are resistant, or just plain don’t stay consistent with doing what you know would help you in this journey called life.

Books are a great way to learn, and a tribe is a great way to stay accountable, process your shiz, and get the support you need as you wrap the concepts into practice on a regular basis.

I’m SO excited to offer a sisterhood where we can read (or re-read) self help books and ACTUALLY integrate what we learn. It really IS easier when you have support and accountability!

You can have the life you want.

The books we get, they called to us for a reason. We know there’s some nuggets that will help us meet the goals and dreams we have for our lives. At the core, we all just want to be better. Better wives, moms, daughters, workers, friends, humans!

I’ll provide a semi-structured experience, using a variety of tools – video, written, downloads – to help YOU get the most out of the book, and to make the shifts you want to make using the info you read.

We’ll have a private Facebook group where we’ll read at the same pace, using prompts and activities to integrate and implement each concept in the books we read. Connecting with like-minded women will allow a safe place to process whatever comes up as we read (because sometimes self help books bring up some stuff!).

This group is a lot like life – individuals like you, doing the best they can, and processing and implementing in a group setting. The difference is – it’s SAFE. The women in the group are all there for the same reason as you are – to learn, grow, and get better. We’re in this together sister, and would love to have you as part of the tribe.

Sign up now for next months’ book!

MAY 2019 – The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

My actual book shelf!

There are 2 options for joining the book club –

*Click the link to pay with PayPal*

OPTION 1 – Member – $29

You get membership in an exclusive Facebook Group, a PDF workbook with journal prompts/integration questions, and a wrap up call using Zoom (which is kind of like Skype)

OPTION 2 – VIP – $74

VIP members get the same group, workbook, and call as Option 1 members – PLUS – I’ll send you the book we’re reading, a personalized gift from me, and at least 3 things to help you make an immersive experience! (Items include, but aren’t limited to: candles, journals, crystals, oils, etc!)

*VIP Membership is currently only available to residents of the USA*

Dates to note:

Because we’ll be doing one book each month – there’s a few dates you need to be aware of. Because life happens, they could be subject to change, but I will be sure to share any deviations from the schedule!

1st of the month – registration opens for the next month’s book; workbooks/activities emailed along with Facebook group invites for current month’s book

15th of the month – registration closes for VIP option – I have to have time to mail you the goodies!!

Last day of the month – registration closes for regular membership, integration call via Zoom at 8pm Eastern

There’s no contract or subscription required!

You simply join the months you want to participate in!

Terms and Conditions can be found here

What if…

*I don’t have time for a book club?

This isn’t going to take any more time than you want it to lovie! My intention is to provide the opportunity to share on a regular basis, but it’s not required. YOU get to make this into a version that fits your life, needs, and goals.

*I already have the book for next month, but I want the VIP option?

Easy peasy my friend! Gift the book (either your copy or the one you get in the VIP package) to a friend and encourage them to join us! Email me with their name and I’ll send a special link for you to get a discount on your next VIP package when they sign up to join us!

*I don’t like/want to read the book that’s listed?

No worries! Since there’s no subscription or obligation to participate every month, you can just skip the months/books you aren’t interested in. I would encourage you to read some reviews and ask some friends if they’ve read it. You may find that even if you don’t think you’d like it – it could be just what you need!

*I’m nervous about sharing in a group?

The Facebook group is simply an opportunity. I know that some people work best on their own, and that’s cool! You’ll get everything for this book club via email! Do what works for you.

This is for you if:

*You are motivated to do better for yourself

*You are open to digging deeper for your own growth

*You’re a reader

*You are interested in supporting others and providing a safe place

If we haven’t already met, I’m Erin.

I LOVE BOOKS – especially personal development books! You’ve probably heard it said – as we know better, we do better.

I do prefer a good ole paper book (hard or soft cover doesn’t matter to me!) to an e-reader.

Oh – and the beach! Salt water is therapeutic for sure!

You may have heard the term “life coach” – and that’s what I do!
As a support and accountability guide, I help women with a goal meet it. I provide a safe place of unwavering, unconditional love & support to help heal wounds. This allows my clients to find the strength to peel off the layers that have accumulated through the years. I help women ‘find themselves’.

I created this book club to provide an easy, accessible outlet for readers. A safe place to dive deep into personal development books with a group of like-minded people. My super power is in holding space for people to feel the feels and let it go.

I would love to support you on your journey through some of the best self help books out there. Cuz SHELF help isn’t really helpful, is it!?

Join the fun!

OPTION 1 – Member – $29

*membership in an exclusive Facebook Group,

*a PDF workbook with journal prompts/integration questions,

*and a wrap up call using Zoom (which is kind of like Skype) on the last day of the month at 8pm Eastern

OPTION 2 – VIP – $74

*all the goodies in the Member registration (group, workbook, call)

– PLUS –

*the book we’re reading,

*a personalized gift,

*andat least 3 things to help you make an immersive experience

Mailed to you with loads of love and lots of (((Hugs))) from yours truly.

(Items include, but aren’t limited to: candles, journals, crystals, oils, etc!)

*VIP Option is currently only available to US residents*

Aren’t you ready to DO something?

Get those books read, and actually DO something with the nuggets o’ wisdom that’s in them. I firmly believe that the work we do on ourselves will only positively impact the rest of the world. This starts with our own kids, spouses, jobs, etc.

And let’s be real – the world needs some positive influences, amiright?!

I’d love to have you along if it feels like a good fit.

Questions? Email me, or hit me up on Facebook.