Self Care for the Selfless – March 2019

Self Care for the Selfless – March 2019

 Are you a “giver”?

You know, the one taking care of All. The. Things.

Appointments, grocery lists, transportation, work, school, house stuff… WHEW!

I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in taking care of everyone else, and reaping the ‘benefits’ – like exhaustion, crankiness, and general misery – of NOT taking care of myself.

Are you spending the majority of your time taking care of other people, and not YOU?

I have the solution!!

Join Self Care for the Selfless today!

31 days of self care – for $31!

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What’s included:

*Daily activities that can be done in just a few minutes from March 1 – March 31.

This is NOT meant to be “one more thing to do”! Activities will be sent via email and posted in our Facebook group for easy access.

*The ability to ‘try on’ different self care practices to see what feels good to YOU

There’s a variety of activities that you can get creative with.  They are designed to be affordable, adaptable, and accessible!

*Our own special *private* group on Facebook

Where we can connect with fellow selfless women and make some new friends along the way, support each other every day by sharing photos, stories, and virtual internet (((hugs))), share our progress, “a-ha’s”, snags, and whatever else comes up during the month.

*The group will be ‘CLOSED’ until March 1, at which time it will be changed to “PRIVATE” in order to maintain a safe space while we share our experiences.  The private setting will allow it to be ‘invisible’ on Facebook, meaning only members will be able to see who’s in the group, and the posts there.

*A LIVE web-based call at the conclusion to chat about our experiences “face to face”!

Using a platform called Zoom (which is kind of like Skype) we’ll be able to video chat (or you can call in from your phone) and see each other’s beautiful faces 🙂

*Chances to WIN PRIZES!

There will be at least one winner each week. I’ve got some AWESOME sponsors to shower everyone with some LOVE!  At least one winner each week will receive a prize, based on participation in the activities!

We all know, when you have support – it’s that much easier!

Click the button below to pay your registration fee and save your spot!

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Why Self Care for the Selfless?  

Because you are a giver at heart.

But now you’re running on empty.

There’s not much (if anything) left for you.

You overslept because you were up too late playing a mind-numbing game on your phone, or catching up on that show you’ve had DVR’ed for almost a week.

The dishes are piled up, while the mountain of laundry is growing.

The family (including the pets) needs to be fed.

Your chosen career path is draining your energy.

 How do I know? Because I’ve been there sister!!

You can read a bit of my story here.

You are tired, overworked, and can’t find enough hours in the day.

So you’ll have to take the time for yourself.

Imagine: a little bit of time for YOU.

Every Day.

Enter the solution:

a 31 day jump start to help you find time for everything that’s really important by making time for YOU, with a built-in sisterhood!

Click the button below to join in on the fun for just $1 per day!

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Running around frazzled taking care of everyone else leaves you unfulfilled, tired, and cranky.  

Making small tweaks can start a mighty change!  

During the month of March, we’re going to take one small action each day to do a little something for ourselves.

This challenge will NOT be time-consuming.

I’ve designed it to be flexible, like us!

And – it’s only $31!

Click the button below if you want in!

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Before you know it, you’ll be letting the good stuff flow –

better relationships with your family

a clean and comfy home you can enjoy, &

telling that negative ninny in your head to “Shove It!” 🙂

(you know, the one that tells you you’re not good enough) 

When you have the chance to take care of yourself, you can give from a place of fullness. You’ve heard it before – you can’t pour from an empty cup.

You can have a tribe of sisters & daily inspiration, too!

Don’t hesitate – registration 

Extended to March 4th!

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Oh – One more thing (because, you know, there’s always ONE MORE THING):

Since we’re SO good at looking out for others –

make sure you share this page with the selfless women you know and love!  🙂