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Am I skinny yet?

I took a core class at the gym last Thursday. I truly felt like I was going to die during the class. It was AN HOUR. That’s a long time to be working on muscles that haven’t worked that hard since giving birth in 2010 to my youngest.  I talked about it in my inauguralContinue Reading “Am I skinny yet?”

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What’s your “why”?

There’s a reason WHY you keep going. In some cases our why might just be “because I have to”. And that’s legit.

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Full moon tonight

Oh joy – a full moon. I don’t know about you, but I totally understand where the word “lunatic” came from.  I’m feeling blah, and discontented, and anxious, and excited, and optimistic, all at the same time.  On edge is how I can best describe it… (even writers have trouble finding the words sometimes).  I’mContinue Reading “Full moon tonight”

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The difference between knowing and doing…

There’s a lot of things we know we “should” do, or “shouldn’t” do, right?  Like eat well, get physical activity, take it easy on the alcohol, and not to smoke. But it’s hard dammit. I feel like a blob.  I’m sure the loaf of french bread that I got for 50 cents on the bakeryContinue Reading “The difference between knowing and doing…”