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When you feel like giving up… (Part 1)

Sometimes you just want to quit. Sometimes that voice in your head that’s screaming at you all those horrid things that she can say – “You’re so stupid”.  “Who are you to think you could ____?”  “You didn’t really think that would work did you?”  The snide laughter that cuts to your core.  Those areContinue Reading “When you feel like giving up… (Part 1)”

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7 things to remember when you feel unseen

Oftentimes, especially as wives and mothers, we feel like our contributions to our homes, families, careers, etc. is lost in the shuffle. Here are 7 things to remember when you feel unseen:


A little Monday pep talk

Hello lovies!!! Mondays get a bad rap. For most of society it means weekend fun time is over, and it’s back to the daily grind at school or work, or other mundane “stuff”. But don’t get it twisted – Mondays can also be a day of new beginnings… Well, any day can – but MondaysContinue Reading “A little Monday pep talk”