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Characteristics of Codependency

Characteristics of Codependency Addiction doesn’t discriminate, neither does codependency or feelings of unworthiness / not being good enough and wanting to lose yourself (even if it’s unconsciously) in others.  I’m on the journey too – just a few steps ahead since my hubs has 6 years clean. I’d say the last 3 years I’ve beenContinue Reading “Characteristics of Codependency”

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You can detach without leaving

Detach – it’s not really a concrete thing… I knew the people in the rooms would tell me to detach. Detach with love they’d say. Focus on you. Repeat the Serenity Prayer and realize the only thing you have the ability to change is yourself. It was all so abstract though.  I just wanted someoneContinue Reading “You can detach without leaving”

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I’m sure you’ll agree- a woman can hold a resentment.   We are built to remember all the things.  Our minds take in everything around us.  I’m pretty sure my uterus doubles as a homing device, because if someone can’t find something, I can usually tell them where they left it. We carry the mental load,Continue Reading “Resentments”

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Healing wounds from the past

Healing wounds from the past can be tricky. Do you have issues and baggage from your years gone by?  Those dang wounds will come sneaking up on you sometimes and when you least expect it – they can reach up and try to pull you back. I’ve had the opportunity to explore some of myContinue Reading “Healing wounds from the past”

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When you feel like giving up (part 4)

AKA – Betrayal So, we’ve all experienced betrayal at some point.  It could be as simple as your friend picking someone else for the dodge ball game, or as complicated as adultery.  When the rubber hits the road, betrayal sucks. I thought it was the job of my dreams I thought I was being groomedContinue Reading “When you feel like giving up (part 4)”

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When you feel like giving up… (Part 1)

Sometimes you just want to quit. Sometimes that voice in your head that’s screaming at you all those horrid things that she can say – “You’re so stupid”.  “Who are you to think you could ____?”  “You didn’t really think that would work did you?”  The snide laughter that cuts to your core.  Those areContinue Reading “When you feel like giving up… (Part 1)”

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4 things I’ve learned as a mom

Ok, so I have 3 kids, plus 4 stepkids. Yes, you read that correctly.  I called us the ghetto brady bunch for a while.  When you have such a wide array of personalities, backgrounds, not to mention multiple non-custodial parents and you’re trying to keep your shit together, it can be a challenge. Here’s 5Continue Reading “4 things I’ve learned as a mom”

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7 things to remember when you feel unseen

Oftentimes, especially as wives and mothers, we feel like our contributions to our homes, families, careers, etc. is lost in the shuffle. Here are 7 things to remember when you feel unseen:

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How can I help you?

Funny how sometimes you don’t realize how far you’ve come till you look back… I’ve had the opportunity to reflect a few times this week.  I’m realizing without a doubt why I’m here.  More specifically, why I had certain experiences in my  life.  There is a world full of hurting women out there.  We allContinue Reading “How can I help you?”

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Blank Spaces

Blank spaces can be terrifying.  I’ve been in a blank space professionally, personally, and literally!  I’ve been contemplating all day what to blog about, to no avail.  As I’m sure you’ve heard – I’ve announced a 6 week program to help women at an emotional crossroads.  This was a big undertaking, and at the beginningContinue Reading “Blank Spaces”