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Asking for help can be hard As wives and mothers, I think we have been conditioned in a way to have an expectation that we can “handle it”.  We multitask with the best of ’em.  I’m pretty sure our uterus’ also serve as an internal homing device – because chances are, if someone is lookingContinue Reading “Help.”

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When you feel like giving up… (Part 1)

Sometimes you just want to quit. Sometimes that voice in your head that’s screaming at you all those horrid things that she can say – “You’re so stupid”.  “Who are you to think you could ____?”  “You didn’t really think that would work did you?”  The snide laughter that cuts to your core.  Those areContinue Reading “When you feel like giving up… (Part 1)”

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What’s that little voice?

Get out of my head!! That damn Negative Nelly and her committee of nay-sayers invaded my mind yesterday… I couldn’t quite figure out why she was so verbal! I’d gotten pretty good over the last few years/months/weeks at telling her to shut the hell up.  But over the weekend she was back. Where does thatContinue Reading “What’s that little voice?”