September’s Monthly Workshop – GUILT

Join me for a Monthly Girls Night –

via my private Zoom room!

We’ll be chatting about a new topic each month, and you’re invited!

Septembers’s topic is GUILT!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Erin – I’ve been through more than a little shit in my years – and now my purpose is to help other women navigate theirs.  I provide support and encouragement to those who are ready to unpack their stuff and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Please feel free to pass the registration info to other women who may benefit as well – I’ve found that most of us do!  BTW-my inbox is always open for questions or to connect – You Are NOT Alone dear sister.

Join me on

September 19, 2018 at 8p Eastern


Why Guilt?

We carry the burden of not only OUR mistakes (which we will beat the crap out of ourselves for over and over and over again) but those of the people around us.  I took responsibility for things that weren’t mine (like my husband’s addiction) and had a hard time accepting the things that WERE mine – like the fact that I’d ignored red flags and told my intuition to hush up (and she listened). It wasn’t until I learned to separate guilt and shame, and what was mine to carry that my load got WAY lighter. And I’m going to share the basics of that process with you.


Are you ready to shed the guilt?


This workshop is going to go over the basics of how to separate shame and guilt – so you can own your stuff (just yours!) – and choose when to help others without enabling.

This will allow you to:

* break the bonds of parental BS that’s been weighing you down

* stop yelling and being angry all. the. time.

* be a good role model for your kids/youth in your life

* stop the cycle of suffering, apologies and tears for stuff that’s not yours to carry.



Your $33.00 investment reserves your spot for:

*our Workshop LIVE,

September 19, 2018 at 8p Eastern

*a recording approx 24 hours after

*a workbook

 as well as automatic weekly emails from me with extra tips, tricks, and ideas to not just survive life in general, but THRIVE!


I promise to keep you no more than 90 mins – because you know, life and all!

Simply click here to pay your $33.00 registration via PayPal

Registration for GUILT closes on Wednesday September 19 at 3pm eastern.


Questions? Email me!