Break old patterns to move forward!
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Break old patterns to move forward!

Breaking down old patterns is one of the most significant ways you can move forward.  Like chains keeping us locked in versus breaking thru to the person you’ve always known you are.  You have the key to unlock the chains of your old patterns.

Procrastination, getting ‘stuck’, smoking, checking your phone, picking fights with the hubby – all these are patterns.  These patterns have helped you in the past – perhaps procrastination has historically allowed you to not produce your best work – therefore the pressure to be the best, or the fear of failure is lessened.  Maybe checking your phone is allowing you to feel important, and not worry about sitting alone because you’re able to look busy.  


First, you have to notice what your patterns are – identify what you’re doing that you’d like to change.  It could be as small as doing a stuff dump as soon as you walk in the door (kitchen table!) or as large as a complete health overhaul.  Be sure to spend some time really thinking and feeling how life would change if this pattern was different.  How would your life be better if you changed this pattern?  Write it down – a pros and cons list can be helpful.


Once you identify the pattern, and WHY you want to change it – notice the habits around it – perhaps you’ve gotten in the habit of waking up, grabbing your phone to check your notifications, then off to the kitchen for coffee.  What is something you can change around that habit?  Perhaps it’s move your phone to another room to charge. Maybe it’s making a bigger change, like swapping the coffee for warm lemon water – Give yourself some space to make a different choice versus following the habitual path.  *It will be uncomfortable at first – but it will get better! Keep at it!


Baby steps are OK! Maybe instead of quitting your cigarette habit cold turkey, you hold yourself accountable to wait a full 20 minutes before lighting up.  Maybe you call a friend or put a dollar in a jar for every time you choose something different, then treat yourself to something amazing like getting your hair done, checking out a movie, or a luxurious spa day.  My personal favorite – the NAP!


It’s about progress.  You’ll learn quickly what works for you – but you have to give it a try and not just poo poo it because it seems difficult.  If you can do it for at least 3 days, it gets easier…  but remember –

Nothing changes if nothing changes – and I hate to break it to you – there’s no magic wand that makes doing the work easy.  But support can definitely make it easier.  So get an accountability partner, a tribe, a friend and/or a coach that can help you stay on track.

Now, it’s your turn!  Leave me a comment with the one pattern you’d most like to change – I’ll be replying with real-solutions to help get you make the shift.  

If you want more in-depth support, click here and let’s hop on a complimentary coaching call!

Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

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