You’re the star.
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You’re the star.

How many roles do you have?  

Mom, wife, chauffeur, scout leader, family financial adviser, secretary/family calendar keeper, director of the chaos, worker/title at your job, maid, cook, butler, whew!  We all have quite a few roles that we step in and out of every single day.  When do we get to be “me”?


Many of us are waiting for someone to give us permission, or offer to allow us some time to step into ourselves.  And needless to say – those occurrences are few and far between – IF you’re lucky enough to get them at all.   Part of that is the conditions we’ve allowed (as discussed in this post) by doing too much.  

For something to change, something has to change.

Communication is not everyone’s strong point.  Even I have struggled with asking the hubby to take over while I have some “me time”.  Society places unrealistic expectations and we feel like if we aren’t June Cleaver, that we’re crappy parents.  But guess what – June was playing a role too.

We have to ask

We have to speak up and say what we need.  Like actors – we can swap roles on cue – going from mom to wife to worker to friend, etc.  (except in the bedroom- but that’s another post)

We take all of our roles seriously, and do our best to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of the audience.  


Unfortunately that can leave our worth wrapped up in other’s reactions, and should we not get the reaction we anticipate (like a standing ovation) it can leave us wanting so badly to perform well, that we forget to enjoy the performance itself.

Life is a play, and you are the star.

It’s not being high maintenance to ask for some time alone.   It’s imperative that you take care of yourself – that you connect back to your core.  When we take care of ourselves, we are at our peak performance and can be the star of any (and all) the roles we take on.  And, since the show must go on – you might as well enjoy it 🙂


Start small.

It can be as easy as setting your alarm for 15 minutes early to be sure you get that cup of coffee (alone!).  Buying yourself flowers.  Perhaps you commit to a book you’ve been eyeing and read one chapter a night.  You could even schedule a massage, pedicure, hair cut, etc. and line up childcare so you can pamper yourself.  It can be something small like getting the “good” stuff (chocolate, soap/shampoo, lotion – whatever brings you joy) and reserving it for mama’s use only 🙂

Your turn!!  

Do you have trouble speaking up for your “me time”?  Let’s talk about what keeps us from getting that time we need and deserve.  Leave a comment and let’s support each other into speaking up for our needs <3

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Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

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