Transition through the mushy place
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Transition through the mushy place

A transition through the mushy place isn’t easy – but it is simple.

What’s the mushy place, you ask?

I believe there’s a place when the caterpillar transitions – it stops ‘being’ a caterpillar and yet isn’t a butterfly either. I imagine it being a mushy place – where it’s both a caterpillar and a butterfly at the same time, but yet neither as well.  I’ve been in that mushy place for about a month.

I’ve been in a place of transition – which was very exciting at first, then overwhelmingly sad, now in a place of hope.

When I changed my business name, I could only think to make it MY name.  Which was exciting – but also terrifying.

However, I’m learning that in order to speak up, you have to speak OUT.  There’s no one who can speak your truth for you – you have to get yourself together and stand up.  You don’t have to be rude, or mean, or nasty.  It most certainly isn’t easy. When you come across someone who’s beliefs are very different, it can be paralyzing.  Chances are, you aren’t going to change them – they won’t necessarily transition with you.

There is power in how you respond.

Not just the words, but the inflection, the order, and the intent.  The trouble with the way most of us communicate these days is that the inflection and the intent can be lost in the words and their order.

Think about it – do you respond better in text, or voice?

I prefer text, partly because it allows me to read over what I’m wanting to convey prior to hitting ‘send’ (*or publish!) and be sure that my response is appropriate.  It also allows me to hide, though.

When we use our voice and speak up and out – we can’t hide.

We are putting ourselves – all of ourselves – out for display.  There’s no one to protect us from the rotten tomatoes the audience may hurl.  There’s no podium (in most cases) to hide behind if you get boo’ed.  There’s no “off switch” if the comments get to be too much.

But what good came from hiding?

Did the greatest writers, speakers, and personalities of our time get that way because they hid their talents?  Did they cower in the shadows because they were afraid of what people might say? Hell no.  They did it anyway.  Scared and all.

Iyanla VanZant once said on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday something to the effect of doing it even if you’re so scared there’s pee running down your leg. And though  I’m not in a puddle just yet, I’m sure there’ll be lots of opportunity

It’s time to come out – and show what we’re made of.

There is value, and power in our stories.  As we show our children what we can overcome, we heal generations to come.  Isn’t that reason enough?

And so I begin today – showing who I am – vulnerably, imperfectly, and yet a warrior goddess just the same.  And I know I have a tribe of soul sisters who have my back, even if they aren’t vocal or right beside me during this transition.

My work is me, and I am my work.  There’s no separation – it’s a mushy place for sure.

I’m ready to show you – at

Your turn –

Does your story make you feel like a warrior? Or a worrier? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment or send me an email!

Erin Hill is a writer, speaker, and healer. She resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and children, who are her greatest teachers. She is currently working on her first book.

1 thought on “Transition through the mushy place”

  1. Awesome!!!
    I just bawled in the bath tub for a half hour (full moon ritual) over letting go of things that no longer serve me. Guess there was something mushy hiding and bubbling under the surface!
    I agree texting is a place to hide!

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